Luhačovice Spa

Luhačovice Spa is the biggest health resort in Moravia with a long tradition of spa treatment of respiratory tract, digestive organs, diabetes, and kinetic apparatus dysfunction. Healing effects of springs have been used since the 17th century. The spa was founded and started developing thanks to the aristocratic family of Serényis. As early as in 1669, Jan Ferdinand Hertod, a physician and physicist, described drink therapies and successful results of treatment. Baths in natural water were introduced in 1790. In Luhačovice, there are 17 springs with increased contents of iodine, iron, boratic acid, fluorine and other elements. The special atmosphere of Luhačovice is emphasised by Dušan Jurkovič’s architecture – this Slovak architect created there a unique set of Art Nouveau from 1902 to 1914. 

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