Wine trips

Wine lovers and connoisseurs can travel to nearby or remote attractive wine regions.

Slovácko: It this region, it is possible to visit Podluží or Strážnice wine-growing areas. In Prušánky-Nechory, there is the biggest system of wine cellars in Moravia. Another interesting location is Petrov (or Plže) with its wine cellars. Wine cellars are partly located under earth. They are painted in pale blue, decorated with regional ornaments and covered with grape-vine. Existence of those wine cellars was mentioned as early as in the 15th century.

Another interesting trip is via Hodonín and Mutěnice to Čejkovice with historic Templars' cellars, Templars' stronghold and Templars' wine restaurant. The road crosses beautiful landscape with charming vineyards. Distance: less than 60 km.

It is highly recommended to visit the Lednice - Valtice Chateau Park.

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